Fighting soaring electricity bills from the palm of your hand

“This technology puts managing electricity costs in the palm of your hand,” Landis+Gyr Australia Chief Executive Steve Jeston said.

“Imagine being able to measure the exact cost of the electricity being consumed by your television, your air-conditioner or pool filter and switch those appliances on or off using your smartphone or tablet device from wherever you are, at home, at work or even on the train.” Mr. Jeston said.

“The Landis+Gyr Energy Navigator will put consumers in control of their energy bills and is expected to be available off the shelf in the next six months.

“Landis+Gyr’s Energy Navigator is simple to install and operate, and provides families with a huge amount of energy usage data which can be delivered, via either a Smart Phone application or web portal.” Mr Jeston said.

“This wireless system transmits data about your energy consumption to a web-portal that you can securely access to see how much electricity you are using and how much it is costing.

“But most importantly, it gives you the power to do something about it,” Mr. Jeston said.

A recent survey by Pike Research, based on international trials and research, shows that simply increasing the awareness of energy consumption can help consumers reduce their energy usage by up to 20%.

Mr. Jeston said the home energy management technology was even more powerful when integrated with a smart meter.

“The Landis+Gyr Energy Navigator can either be integrated with a smart meter, or can plug directly into a wall socket and you can immediately start monitoring and changing your energy use,” Mr Jeston said.

The Landis+Gyr Energy Navigator can be quickly and easily set up to: