Government Funded Pilot Smart Meter Rollout to Take Place in the UK

Over the past two years, European government and regulatory authorities concerned about energy consumption levels, have called on the UK government to take action on this issue.  As a result, the road to changing legislation was started and the Energy Demand Reduction Pilot was set up to determine how household electricity demand could be reduced significantly using Smart Meters.  In 2006, Chancellor Gordon Brown, now Prime Minister, announced in the budget that all houses will be provided with smart meters.

Following this announcement the government released an Energy White Paper titled Meeting the Energy Challenge. This paper set out a framework for action on energy demand and consumption needs. It details the UK’s smart meter pilot rollout plan and its intention to empower consumers to be more aware of their energy consumption habits. Subject to the results of these trials the UK Government intends to work with energy and associated companies, such as Landis+Gyr, to roll out smart meters to households over the next 10 years.

Following a final agreement for contracts between energy suppliers and Government regulatory authorities, the first meters were shipped to suppliers to start the trials. At present the government is still in discussion regarding the full roll out of smart metering with an official announcement expected in November 2008. Our expectation is towards a positive move to a smart meter roll out, and in turn, intelligent energy use.