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Battery Energy Storage System to Helen in Finland

Helen Ltd, a major energy utility in Finland, is heading a research project that will explore innovations in using and controlling energy storage as part of the smart grid initiative. The energy storage technology chosen for the project will be…

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In the Know on Outages: How an Indiana co-op is using its AMI system to improve detection

So they identified areas where relatively minor operational improvements could yield major cost savings and enhance service. Their first target? Outage management. Identifying, confirming and repairing outages can be a labor-intensive job –– especially if service crews have to be…

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Big Gains Over Line Loss: How AMI Data is Helping One Co-operative Optimize Distribution

“Most of us have always done an aggregate system line loss,” said Greg Wolven, Director of Engineering at WIN. “We haven’t had the tools to delve down into the substation-based line loss, or it was so difficult and manpowerintensive that…

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Turning Consumers on to Energy Management: How one Texas electric cooperative is making it happen

“We really feel that’s what being a cooperative is all about,” said Cameron Smallwood, Vice President of Cooperative Planning at UCS, “helping our members to use less energy and save money.” But in order to educate and engage consumers, UCS…

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A Proactive Approach to Reactive Power: How One Utility Improved Power Factor by Leveraging Its AMI System

Their first target? Capacitor banks located on various circuits throughout the distribution network. By automating control of these devices, they are able to ensure the capacitors are operating when needed to achieve optimal power factor and reduce line losses. In…

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Prepay Payoffs: Thanks to easy AMI integration, utilities are seeing big benefits from prepayment programs

Among electric utilities, cash flow is an increasingly common problem. Energy consumers are struggling to cover their service deposits and keep up with their monthly bills, and as a result, utilities are facing more and more bad debt. It’s a…

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Doing More with Less Voltage: How advanced metering is helping one utility fine tune voltage and control load

After all, numerous studies have confirmed that, by operating in the lower half of the 10% voltage band required by ANSI, utilities can see significant energy savings. But before Black River could begin regulating voltage, it had to be sure…

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Partner in a Big Way

One of the largest, fastest and most Advanced Smart Meter deployments in the US is taking place in the Dallas metropolitan area. Teaming together with Texas utility Oncor, Landis+Gyr is providing the complete solution – meters, networks and software –…

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Long-Term Partnership with Latest Technology

Landis+Gyr has a long-term partnership with EDF/ERDF spanning several decades, providing products and services covering all aspects of electricity metering. And now in line with ERDF’s plans to modernize their grid, we are helping them create maximum value from the…

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Customer Service Earns Top Awards from Brazil’s Leading Utilities

Being a trusted partner in Energy Management leads to recognition for excellence for one of the country’s employers of choice. The Landis+Gyr’s South American team was singled out for customer service excellence from not one, but two of Brazil’s leading…

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