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FutureReady—Winter 2017

The shifting view of generation: how utilities are finding new opportunities, taking on new roles and addressing new threats.

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FutureReady – Fall 2017

Advances in metrology: modern meters bring sophisticated measurement to more applications in order to prevent system loss, improve profits and drive efficiency.

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FutureReady – Summer 2017

Roadside sensors, smart water meters, plug-in charging stations, LEED-certified building, drone technology…energy-efficient tactics are on the rise, creating the new smart city.

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FutureReady – Spring 2017

Managing tomorrow’s grid: new realities of cybersecurity, power flow, grid reliability and restructuring shape the landscape for the modern utility.

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FutureReady – Winter 2016

Connectivity’s impact on the grid: network technologies are changing how utilities look at infrastructure, emerging smart city applications, the potential for energy storage and more.

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FutureReady – Fall 2016

Global energy in focus: explore how utilities around the world are driving change, from new energy policies and pricing models to bold smart city initiatives.

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FutureReady – Summer 2016

In this issue, we take a closer look at today’s utility customers. They’re younger, always connected, and expect much more from utilities—we break down the challenges and share actionable ideas.

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FutureReady – Spring 2016

In this issue you’ll find exclusive industry insights on the changing utility economy, along with advice to manage challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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FutureReady – December 2015

Impact of Innovation: Utilities benefit from energy storage to line sensors, and trends like smart cities and the “Internet of Things.”

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FutureReady – October 2015

The new customer relationship: benefits and challenges of solar adoption, prepaid utility service and marketing emerging programs.

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