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Energy Storage: A Delicious, Non-Decadent Tool

Successfully leverage this versatile asset by applying a framework that evaluates potential applications.

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Utility Prepay Programs: Overcoming Obstacles, Finding Value

Developing successful solutions that integrate with existing AMI networks and deliver utility and customer value.

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Rethinking Asset Management: Evolving to Analytics-Driven Decisions

Today, many utilities are developing transformative, data-driven asset management strategies that build on their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) investments.

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Distribution-Level Integrated Resource Plans: A Necessity for the Future

With real-time data and remarkably advanced analytics, utilities can now develop better plans for managing demand — at the distribution level. Distributed renewables Battery energy storage Voltage and VAR control Distributed fuel cells and fossil fuel generation Demand response

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DER and Analytics: How New Analytics Platforms Meet a Critical Need

The rapid acceleration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) presents a range of challenges for electric utility management. The good news is that a strategic approach, one that taps the power of data analytics, can meet the rising need to manage…

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How Smart Grids Lead to IT/OT Convergence

The smart grid is the response from utilities to European energy policy designed to promote a carbon-independent society. The smart grid is a transformed power system that can accommodate a large penetration of distributed renewables, system flexibility and consumer participation in markets…

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Advanced Load Management: Challenges and Solutions

Demand response is a strategic, real-time operational resource where successful programs require fluid delivery of quality data. The challenge is understanding the network option just right for your utility.

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IDIS interoperability − securing long-term investments with interoperable solutions

In accordance with EU directives, energy utilities have to ensure that 80% of consumers are equipped with intelligent metering systems by 2020. To support this transformation, the European Commission issued two mandates − M441 and M490 − authorizing the three…

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Ensuring AMI Scalability: 5 dos and don’ts

In this white paper, our smart grid experts explain how to ensure your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system is optimized.

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SMART Grid Security: Preparing for the Standards-Based Future (Without Neglecting the Needs of Today)

The best way for utilities to protect their infrastructure, data and customers is by continually educating themselves.

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