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Sustainable “green” meters for micro-generation

Proximity to customers, skill, capabilities, and creative response to specific customer needs have been the success formula in the partnership with British utility Scottish and Southern. As a result, Landis+Gyr, is supplying completely ‘green’ meters to one of its biggest customers to help encourage ‘green thinking’ among end-users.

Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions are extremely important topics in the UK. The government is not the only one pushing Advanced Metering and customer education. Landis+Gyr is also helping utilities drive energy effi ciency into consumers’ minds.

Landis+Gyr’s engineers and design staff took the time to understand the customer’s needs and desires and to come up with a fully integrated solution for them. What was of highest importance to Scottish and Southern was the focus on “clean and green” energy usage and efficiency. They wished to display their concern and awareness for the environment, and how power generators and distributors can help.

Landis+Gyr’s engineers designed the solution to match completely the customers desire to bundle usage and generation of renewable energy with a prepayment functionality in one system. Beyond the engineering solution design, Ampy+Metering proposed that Scottish and Southern color their meters green for their microgeneration customers. This was to be combined with Ampy’s market-leading pre-payment meters as well as being integrated into an AMM system, which was adapted to the customers’ specifi cations.

An import-export meter for micro-generation

The final product was customized to be an importexport meter for Scottish and Southern’s customers who operate their own renewable generation. To tie in with the desire to promote environmentally friendly energy the meters are supplied in a green plastic casing.

The import-export meters measure energy consumption as well as energy produced within a home from renewable power sources such as solar PV and wind turbines. Customers can request the meters, at no extra cost, usually in conjunction with the installation of a generator. Already fi ve thousand meters have been installed to the full satisfaction of Scottish and Southern Energy and their end-users.

Promoting responsible energy usage

The new green meter will tap into the micro-generation market, which is expected to grow significantly as the UK Government strives for all newly built homes to be carbon neutral by 2016.

According to Steve Brophy, UK sales manager at Landis+Gyr, the green meter design helps to reinforce visually Scottish and Southern Energy’s commitment

to promoting responsible energy usage, while enabling carbon conscious consumers to participate in reducing carbon emissions.

Landis+Gyr’s heavy involvement in the development of smart meter technology, which increases individual knowledge of energy consumption in order to reduce waste, ties in with the Group’s mission to help the environment and help utilities to manage energy better.

Ampy+Metering is supplying smart meters to three of the four Government sponsored trials, making us a forerunner and contributor to a better environment.

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