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RF Gridstream Command Center Introduction

This three-day, 24 credit course covers basic and intermediate features of RF Gridstream Command Center Software.

Students will perform normal day-to-day functions including deploying meters, changing out meters, maintaining the system and troubleshooting. Hands-on training and exercises will provide those attending with the ability to manipulate information using the RF Gridstream Command Center software.

  • RF Mesh Introduction and Overview
  • Working with Collectors
  • Default Endpoint Configuration
  • Deploying Endpoints
  • Monitoring the RF Mesh System
  • Managing RF Mesh Reporting
  • Troubleshootting
  • Billing

Who should attend: This class should be attended by the AMI Administrator and any other utility personnel that needs to understand all aspects of the RF Mesh System.

Prerequisites: None


3 days



Available Dates

Class Date(s): 6- 8 março 2018
Location: Lafayette, IN
Language: English

Class Date(s): 13-15 fevereiro 2018
Location: Pequot Lakes, MN
Language: English

Class Date(s): 16-18 janeiro 2018
Location: Lafayette, IN
Language: English