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When developing a smart city, interconnectivity between electric, water, and gas is key. Landis+Gyr’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) allows for smart water metering, gas metering, and electric metering, all at the push of a button.

Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream RF Advanced Metering Solution offers utilities more flexibility and control than ever before. With applications for data collection, load management, home area networking, outage management, and more, this wireless, peer-to-peer network consolidates a variety of tasks into one reliable system.


FutureReady – Fall 2017

Advances in metrology: modern meters bring sophisticated measurement to more applications in order to prevent system loss, improve profits and drive efficiency.

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Commercial and Industrial Meters

E650 S4e

The E650 S4e combines elements of simplicity and upgradability for a highly functional polyphase meter that reduces overall ownership costs. Landis+Gyr developed the E650 S4e in response to the industry’s ever-changing environment, with more features, a wide voltage range and self-diagnostics to provide…

Grid Meters

E850 MAXsys

When quality and extreme reliability are most important, experienced application engineers turn to the time proven technology and reliability of the MAXsys E850 Elite precision metering system for high profile application solutions.

Communication Networks

Advanced Gas Metering

Landis+Gyr's gas solution offers two-way communications capabilities over the Gridstream Network. Communications are supported through the implementation of an integrated communications module fitting most major meter manufacturer’s products. The communications module can be retrofitted to existing meters, providing efficient field upgradeability.

Gridstream MDMS


PureSystems combines the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of the cloud and the simplicity of an appliance rolled into one.  Landis+Gyr and IBM offer the Gridstream Meter Data Management System (MDMS) on IBM PureSystems. Landis+Gyr and IBM are…

Gridstream MDMS

SmartData Applications

SmartData Application Extensions enable the utility to extend the value of the Gridstream MDMS by providing additional correlations critical for utility programs. SmartData Application Extensions use the data stored, validated and prepared by the Gridstream MDMS and apply additional analytics…

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To learn more about how Landis+Gyr’s advanced communications network can help connect your city’s residential and commercial utilities, contact us today. We’ll help you implement the right distribution and energy management solutions for your specific needs.

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