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As tecnologias de controle de carga da Landis+Gyr podem ajudá-lo a gerir de forma dinâmica a sua rede.

Ao utilizar os sistemas de comunicação bidirecionais, as tecnologias da Landis+Gyr podem automatizar muitos dos seus processos de gestão de rede. Pode também oferecer aos seus consumidores o poder de gerir o seu próprio consumo de energia.


FutureReady – Fall 2017

Advances in metrology: modern meters bring sophisticated measurement to more applications in order to prevent system loss, improve profits and drive efficiency.

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Grid Management

Direct Load Control

Landis+Gyr's advanced load management solutions include direct load control options. Load control switches are available that communicate over either the Gridstream advanced metering network or through a standalone gateway using cellular backhaul. These intelligent load devices allow the utility to…

Commercial and Industrial Meters

E650 S4x

The next generation of commercial metering begins with the E650 S4x. The S4x sets a new standard for versatility right out of the box, with four quandrant measurements of active and reactive energy, load profile and TOU without a battery…

Communication Networks

Gridstream PLX Advanced Metering Solution

Landis+Gyr is a pioneer in developing power line carrier (PLC) technologies designed specifically for advanced metering. The most recent advancement, Gridstream PLX, is the next generation of PLC networks for smart grid communications.

Communication Networks

Gridstream RF Advanced Metering Solution

Gridstream RF is a multi-functional solution supporting advanced multi-energy metering, personal energy management and distribution automation applications. Gridstream residential and commercial metering solutions support up to 5-minute interval data collection, load management, home area networking and outage management applications. Gridstream…

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As soluções de controle da carga da Landis+Gyr podem ser usadas para programas de controle de demanda – residenciais, industriais, comerciais e agrícolas. Para descobrir como podemos ajudá-lo a atingir os objetivos da sua empresa, entre em contato conosco.

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