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Distribution Automation

Gridstream Distribution Automation Solution

Landis+Gyr provides peer-to-peer device communication with a resident software layer that allows both autonomous local operation and supervised control. Distribution devices can be deployed as stand-alone units, integrated radios, and as PC cards enclosed within devices. Leia mais

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Gridstream DA supports a variety of DA devices, including:

  • Reclosers
  • Switches
  • RTUs
  • LTC Controls
  • Capacitor bank controls
  • Fault monitors
  • Voltage regulators

Distribution automation solutions require several key elements – from the end devices to the host application – with a strong communication network in between. Inherent features of the communication network include real-time two-way communications, scalability, reliability with self-healing capabilities, and a high-level of security, while being cost-effective for today’s deployments. The Gridstream DA network delivers these benefits and more, plus it provides DA capabilities side-by-side with advanced metering using the same network infrastructure.

  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific

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