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Landis+Gyr Keypad Prepayment

The Landis+Gyr keypad Prepayment solution consists of a range non-AMI keypad prepayment meters and their respective customer interface units. Leia mais



The Landis+Gyr keypad Prepayment solution consists of a range non-AMI keypad prepayment meters and their respective customer interface units.

Gem Lite

A single phase, 80A STS keypad prepayment meter in a compact British Standard (BS) housing suitable for new installations and retrofitting of existing electromechanical or electronic watt-hours meters. For new installations, the meter can be installed inside the home making it accessible for the consumer to enter a credit token. The meter boasts an easy-to-read language-independent Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It has a wide range of information which can be accessed by pressing the information button on the keypad and entering the number of the register.


A single phase, stand-alone or split prepayment meter in a BS housing. In the stand-alone configuration, the meter is typically installed inside the household. However, it can easily be converted into a split meter by connecting the Customer Interface Unit (CIU), moving the meter outside the household, and installing it in a secure locked enclosure. The Gemini HMI is easy to install and ideal for new reticulation and retrofitting credit meters. It supports prepayment, post-payment and energy limiting modes.  Furthermore, it has tamper detection features, including Significant Reverse Energy (SRE) detection.

Power-Rail (pilot wire)

A single phase 80A split meter in a DIN rail-mount housing. It is ideal for new reticulation in informal housing areas where meters are mounted in pole-top enclosures with respective customer interface units conveniently mounted in the dwellings below. The small size and DIN rail housing enables multiple Power-Rail meters to be mounted in a small enclosure to ensure cost-effective installation. The meter has a convenient plug-in communications connector for easier utility access and maintenance.

The CIU unit has a galvanically isolated communication link to the meter – a feature which is vital for consumer safety. Power-Rail supports prepayment and post-payment modes. The shroud provides a terminal seal with tamper detection capability for the Power-Rail prepayment meter. The meter supports micro generation, by means of a dedicated reverse energy register and various modes of operation.

Three Phase (pilot wire)

A three phase, 4-wire 100 Amp per phase split meter suitable for residential and light commercial environments. The meter has a host of standard prepayment software features, including the ability to operate in post-payment mode. It can be used as a stand-alone meter or converted into a split prepayment meter by fitting the CIU with a dedicated two-core communications wire. The meter features a dedicated diagnostics indicator which displays communications status to the remote CIU.

  • Split prepayment meter, significantly reducing the possibility of fraud and bypassing
  • Compact meter design with British Standard layout
  • Easy to install and ideal for new reticulation as well as retrofitting of credit meters with BS footprints
  • Proven Cashpower keypad technology
  • Programmable operating modes:
    • Prepayment
    • Credit metering
    • Energy Limiting Mode
  • Galvanically isolated communication to customer interface unit for consumer safety
  • Tamper detection features
  • Significant Reverse Energy (SRE) detection
  • Programmable software power limit
  • Commissioning / decommissioning feature
  • Language independent user interface
  • Large LCD and keypad on the meter
  • Improved sealing against ingress of insects
  • High surge withstand capability for areas prone to lightning or other line surges
  • SANS 1524-1 and IEC 62055-31 compliant
  • STS Compliant<
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa